Boost your productivity and efficiency<br/>

ASD US plug

Boost your productivity and efficiency

ASD US plug 技术描述

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零件号 6158104740
型号 ASD US plug
说明 Boost your productivity and efficiency
收益 Widest range of screw sizes: between 1.0 (0.04’’) and 5.0mm (0.197’’) thread diameters (about 11 different screw sizes) including screws with captive washers and up to 19mm (3/4’’) screw length (under head)
Complete: supplied with universal feeding rail to avoid buying additional and expensive spare rails
Fully adjustable: vibration time, vibration intensity, and drum rotation time adjustments allow the user to optimize the screw feed rate
Quiet operation & easy to service
插头类型 US
ScrewSize 0.04” to 0.197”
长度 Up to 19 under head mm
RailAdjustmentKit Included
长度 126 mm
宽度 147 mm
高度 182 mm
供电 AC 100 ~ 240V

ASD US plug 配件

ASD US plug 备件


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