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Part Number 6151657800
Model DRT 5 Sq 5000
Description Torque and Angle
Benefits Automatic recognition thanks to internal memory chip storing main data values eliminating any setting mistakes and time losses
High reliability due to immunity from external noise thanks to digital communication
Communication to data analyzer not sensitive to the cable length
Long life durability thanks to industrial design from transducer to housing
Features Angle counting system 0.35° resolution
Strain gauges transducer: - sensitivity 2mV/V - accuracy +/-0.35% of torque reading
Built-in smart chip memory with calibration features: type of transducer, sensitivity, nominal load, serial number
Torque Range 500-5000 Nm
Output Drive Sq 1"1/2

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从工业工具最初的安装和调试到生产力的监控和生产结果的验证,均可通过马头动力工具开启智能化开端。 智能安装 (SMART START)
为您的工业工具探索维护方案:减少故障,延长工作时间,减少停机时间,提高生产效率。 维护解决方案 (Maintenance Solutions)
探索我们的生产支持:现场技术员,证书培训并为您鉴别业务升级的机会。 Production Support

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